Hispanic AIDS Forum Launches a Volunteer Program for Latino Gay & Bisexual Men

Press Release Date: 05/04/2007 Contact Information Heriberto Sanchez Soto, Executive Director Tel: (212) 563-4500


The Hispanic AIDS Forum is proud to announce the launching of HAF-Guard, a brand new volunteer program for the summer of 2007 for Latino Men who are interested in giving back to the community. HAF-Guard is a unique opportunity for Latino gay and bisexual men to expand their social and professional network of friends, participate actively in developing our gay and bisexual community of men, learn from each other’s life experiences all while having a great time. HAF-Guard volunteers will participate in a 2-day training that will take place on June 9th and June 16th at each of our locations (Bronx, Queens and Manhattan). Following the training, HAF-Guard will develop and execute a full range of educational, social, and recreational activities that will take place during the summer months. An Open House will take place on June 7th 2007 at 7:00PM where details about the program will be offered and initial registration will take place. For more information call (212) 563-4500. ###