Zoan Rosa: The First Latino Gay and Bisexual Men Health Expo


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NYC, New York 

Noris Chavarria

212- 563-4500


The Entre Hombres Program at HAF, Inc will be sponsoring Zona Rosa Health Expo: Healthy, Sexy and Proud, New York City’s first Health Expo for Latino Gay/Bisexual men.  Zona Rosa Health Expo will take place at the Millennium Broadway Hotel located in Times Square, Saturday June 13, 2009.   

New York City is known the world over as a mecca for gay and bisexual men. Tens of thousands migrate to the Big Apple in search of a more tolerant society and safer neighborhoods.  Latinos in general represent roughly about 25% of the overall population of New York City.   Some gay activists estimate Latino gay and bisexual men number roughly 100,000.  In spite of these impressive numbers, there are only a handful of organizations and businesses catering to this major segment of New York City’s population.

Heriberto Sanchez Soto, Executive Director of HAF, Inc., an organization devoted to providing services to Latino gay and bisexual men in New York City, believes the number of Latino Gay/Bisexual men calling the city their home may be as much as 120,000.  “My assumptions are based on a number of variables: 1) it is generally accepted that roughly 10% of the population is born gay and bisexual; 2) the city is a major destination for gay and bisexual men; 3) Latino Gay/Bisexual men are particularly drawn to the city; and; 4) Puerto Rican born gay/bisexual men migrate in high numbers to NYC.  

The Zona Rosa Health Expo offers a remarkable marketing opportunity for gay-friendly companies and organizations to reach over 400 trend-setting Latino gay and bisexual men.  For Latino Gay/Bisexual men, the Health Expo will provide a vast array of information, goods and resources related to personal health and well-being. 

The Zona Rosa Health Expo promises to be one of the year’s top events for the Latino Gay/Bisexual community.  For more information, please contact Mr. Chavarría at 212-563-4500 ext 304 or via email at nchavarria@hafnyc.org.